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As with all animals rabbits do at times suffer their own health problems. What we offer you below is our opinions and advice only. If you have any concerns we suggest you seek professional help from your local vet. The advice we offer is from our own experience and we are happy to discuss this further when you come to view or collect your rabbit.

It is important to check your rabbits teeth are being kept naturally trimmed. Their teeth will continue to grow throughout their lives and normal chewing action will keep these trimmed. If you have concerns that your rabbits teeth are overgrowing please visit your local vets who will be able to trim them down. Your bunny also has back teeth! these are kept in check by eating Hay! Hay is the most important part of their diet not only for their teeth but to keep a healthy and active digestive system.

There are several different types of worm that can effect your rabbit. Your rabbit can pick worms up from various places especially if you have other animals such as cats or dogs. Some worms can even be brought in inside hay.
We use Panacur worming paste twice a year for our rabbits. this can be purchased from either directly from your vet, pet store or online.

Cleaning You Hutch
To help protect your rabbit you can clean your hutch with a powerful disinfectant called Virkon S. You will find this available in smaller 50g packets or a larger 1kg tub. You will need to follow the instructions and mix the disinfectant into a spray bottle for ease of use. This product is independently proven effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease-causing organisms.

Vaccinations are available for rabbits and Its an owners personal preference if they choose to have their rabbit vaccinated. Please contact your local vets for more information.





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